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Citi and CLI Waiting Game..
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So, I am beginning to realize that getting a CLI on my Citi card is going to be a LONG time from is the back story....


Citi Secured opened Sept 2009 with 200 CL

Ch 7 BK discharged Sept 2009


Card unsecured 18 months later, but no CLI when unsecured


Used the Citi card from Sept 2009 through today, never late, never returned pmt, never over CL and life time spending on the card is 14, 500 with no single charge over 200 (CL)


My EX (which they always pull) is about 615 through creditexpert, but for all I know could be higher


I get declined for every single CLI because of my BK


So, I am assuming the only way I will get one is just to wait and let my score go up??  Right??  

I am assuming once it hits a threshold I will start getting increases, but I am not there yet