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Re: Citi and CLI Waiting Game..
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No I have the following cards


orchard bank 1000 cl bal 250 paid on time opened 1.5 yrs ago

cap one 750 cl bal 250 opened 1 yr ago

cap one 850 bal 350 opened 1 yr ago

azuma leasing opened 2007 never late fixed pmt 35 month

bank of america secured card opened 10 months ago CL 500 bal 400

barclays opened 11 months ago bal 1200 CL 3500


I guess what I am SO perplexed about is I have spent 14,000 on my citi card the computer knows this and even with that spending I could not even get an auto cli without my credit report pulled, it really does not make any LOGICAL sense


But I suppose since other people are getting auto cli's I will get one when my score his XXX ..the magic number no one knows.