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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

I'm still here. Pass a Hefeweizen, as this waiting is driving me nuts.


Still gardening my lil' patio garden (2 secured cards) and joined a CU a couple of weeks ago. Take that, Big Evil Banking Entity! My biggest derogs were four defaulted student loans that I have been patiently rehabbing since January. I made my ninth rehab payment 9/17, and am waiting for them to be picked up & put back into non-default status. I checked the Default Resolution Group's website over the weekend, and they are reporting a zero balance - fingers crossed that means I've been picked up! Am still on track to be debt-free by June 2013.

In other news, have tentatively taken first steps toward researching a home purchase. Have a friend who's a realtor, who has been kind enough to answer some questions over lunch. Have an appointment with a mortgage broker, who knows my rebuilding process and is going to at least give me some advice. Homes are cropping up in the neighborhood I want that are definitely within reach for me financially....I'm not pulling the trigger on that anytime soon but it's at least nice to dream & start working toward that goal. Now all I have to do is stay patient, and don't rush into anything too quickly.