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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012
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adore Oktoberfest!  Bratwurst and German beer, mini-quiches shall be sidelined for this month long snacking extravagence in the garden!  Though kicked it off early with a very good Hefeweizen: Lightning Thunderweizen which was definitely in the style of many German beers albeit brewed in Socal.  Good times.  Not quite Live Oak but tasty anyway.


Gardening this round started 9/18, extremely pleased (ecstatic even) with the results of the last round of gardening obtaining my goal FICO score for the year, and also my goal credit/charge card for the year, and a ludicrously good auto loan refinance so am in a good spot leading up to a possible mortgage in '13.  Also there's a good chance my BOFA secured card graduates this month as it'll tick over it's birthday, looking forward to that possibility.


Currently tending in the garden:


Sprouts: (6-12 months)

BOFA 1-2-3 CashRewards - Secured

Capital One nee Orchard

DCU Visa secured

USAA secured CD loan


Seedlings: (<6 months)

DCU auto loan

Amex Zync (!)


Future goals:

Mortgage ready by 6/13

Amex BCP 1/14 or sometime after mortgage closes

Some random Chase card here same time as BCP, maybe CSP. 

Starting Score: EQ 04 561, TU 98 567, EX 98 599 (12/30/11)
Current Score: EQ 04 694, EQ 8 714, TU 8 708, EX 8 724 (04/01/16)
Goal Score: 700 on EQ 04 (01/01/17)

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