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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

Hi my name is Funk and I'm a credit-aholic. I'm here for my white chip..


What's that? That meeting is next door? Oh sorry.


Actually this is my first garden club meeting since rebuilding my credit over the last year. I mean I gardened my first card for over a year when I started out but that was before I knew what gardening even was. I just knew I needed to have a card and take care of it a while so one day I could buy a house. Well that card (Orchard) just got cancelled and cut up cause I'm in prime land now and my score is in the 730's !  I have three good prime cards and I just got my first car financed in over 15 years by Toyota for 5% so I've reached my credit goals for now and it's time to resist the urges for a while and garden my 5 TL's. After all the apping and auto loan shopping I've got 4 hards on my reports and my TL's are mostly new and even though my score is high nobody is really anxious to give me the premium cards I'm looking at now anyway (Starwood, Sapphire Preferred) because of all my new credit and inquiries. I was hoping for a good travel card  to garden along with these so I could use the intro points for some fall and winter traveling but it's really just too soon for a premium card for me.


But my credit has soared in the last year and I'm exactly where I wanted to be so thanks guys and hand me a Brat and Heffy! I'll just spend these next months researching cars and how to max out rewards points and fly free! BTW (off topic) I just figured out you can transfer ultimate rewards points between chase cards. So that means I can milk my Freedom card points and transfer that to a Sapphire Preferred and from there turn those into airline miles at 1:1.25 per points in some cases! So yea plenty of time for reading and planing.. maniacle laugh...maniacle laugh...