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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

I'm still waiting to see where my scores settle after all of my new little seedlings have finished taking root. I'm still waiting for Discover to report. When my first statement closed, there were already charges on it and I didn't have enough time to pay them and post a zero balance. But, I PIF'd right after, so when my next statement cuts I should have a zero balance, and I hope that this is what will report when it finally hits the CRAs.


My EQ score has taken a beating from the new accounts. Part of it is inqs and new credit ding, but part of it is because of statement cycle and reporting issues. Last month I had my Amex charge reporting a balance along with a tiny ($24) balance on my Cap1 Visa; all my other cards reported $0, and all was right with the world. As of today, I have that $24 balance still showing, a $12 balance from my DD using my Cap1 MC as an AU (last minute charges posted just as statement cut), a $234 balance on my BoA Visa Signature (once again, I had a charge come through right before statement cut), and my Amex charges for the month. And, the charges for the oral surgery on my Citi card reported. So, I'm being dinged on having too many cards with balances. Not to worry -- with the exception of the Citi card I've paid these down to $0; I've paid 1/3 of the balance on the Citi card, as per my plan to have it paid off by the end of November. And now that I know the statement dates, I can make sure to keep my cards at $0 before they report. Well, except for DD's charges, so I might just let hers be the one credit card that reports a balance from here on out.


So, even though my EQ has fallen out of the 700s, I'm sure that I'll be back up there again after this month's reporting. I'm happy that my TU is still in the 700s, though. In short, I'm working on getting my garden settled into a stable pattern with regard to statements and reported balances, and I hope to be fully back in the 700 club soon.

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