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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

Entering the garden for the first time. 


Back story is just purchased a home, closed on Aug 1 with a mortgage @3.5%, $310k 30 years.  After closing decided to go on an app spree:


Chase Freedom            $2,500

Discover                       $10,000

DCU Platinum               $10,000

USAA Rewards MC       $4,000

USAA Rewards AMEX   $4,000

Citi Thank You              $8,000

Citi Home Depot           $3,000


Going to let these age for now, hoping for Chase Sapphire Preferred and or US Bank Flex Perks Travel Signature next year

Never take credit personally

Amex Business Platinum; Amex BCP $24,900; Chase Sapphire Preferred $24,200; Chase Marriott $20,000; Discover It $12,500; Chase Ink Cash $15,000; Chase Slate $10,900; Citi TYP $12,900; Capital One Venture $15,000; Amex SPG Biz $3,000; DCU Visa $10,000; Logix FCU $15,000; Citi Home Depot $8,800; Lowes $8,000; Care Credit $6,000; Penfed Platinum Sig $16,000; Barclay Arrival Plus WEMC $15,000; US Bank PLOC Overdraft $1,500; US Bank Edge Rewards Business $10,000; PenFed PLOC $5,000