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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

Hope that all the gardeners have been enjoying the fabulous harvest moon this week. I left the garden (after 11 months), I knew I was going to take a big hit on my scores due to a  major car repair that kept me in a rental for six weeks.  So when a community bank offered me a personal loan At 7%   I went ahead with it.  So far it hasn't hurt much.Have paid off 3 cards ,and am almost clear on a couple more.  Since this rate was lower than the cards it works out better and gives me some diversity in my borrowing.I'm due for a few cards  to give out  cli's soon so I'm hoping that all goes well with that. On another note I got a letter from Walmart saying I was being upgraded to Discover this month as long as I behave . Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. So I'm in again for the long haul. Going to sit out and enjoy my front yard with a nice cold Rolling Rock.