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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

Still in the garden. Been here since May 15th of this year. Sometimes it's hard, but there are many good reasons for staying put.


I finished SL rehab in late September!! I wonder if getting my loans assigned to a lender will lead to HPs..? I sure hope not!! Either way, that was my last piece of rebuilding (gave up on GWs). Once my SL gets picked up again, every open account I have will be current. Everything closed would have a paid balance. No delinquencies! 


Come November/December, I might choose to leave the garden... But this was planned. I will be purchasing a car, and while I haven't decided if I'm going new or used, I'm leaning toward new. By November I will have $8k cash in the bank for downpayment. Selling my clunker (privately) I hope will get me $2k. So that's $10k for downpayment on my dream car (2012 Toyota hybrid, haha). On the other hand, that would buy me a not-so-POS used car, owned outright. Decisions, decisions.


Not looking at app-ing for anything else this year. When I do go car shopping, I plan on getting all my apps in within a 2-day time frame.

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