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Re: My Credit Journey to date

dimitrip wrote:

I am a fairly new immigrant to the US. I just started establishing credit. It was quite difficult to get my first tradeline.I ended up doing some research and found a catalog company called grandpointe that actually reports to all 3 bureaus. I had to pay 50% of the sale and they extended credit for the other half. A couple of months after I applied for the capital one new comer card, they gave me a 500 line. As soon as I had enough history to generate a fico, I applied for the citi forward card and really didnt expect to get it, however an online chat was available, they asked me my address and some other details and then they said I was approved for 2500. I almost fell off my chair. I felt invinsible so started applying like crazy but denied for everything after that. Last month I applied for the chase freedom card and they declined. So I called for reconsideration and the told me to call back the folliwing monday to verify some details with fraud dept. I did and the rep told me approved for 3000. I just payed my citi card to 0 last month so it reported the 0 balance on friday so I figured let me take my chances and apply for few other things on my wish list. Not that I need too much credit, however I figured let me get it all out of the way well it wont really affect my average age of accounts much at this point, applied for walmart, approved 600, applied for discove more, approved 1500. Applied today for amex green approved, figured I would push my luck and applied for the delta gold, approved. Thats it for me now, I am going to tend to these accounts and let them age. I dont know my current scores, probably buy one tomorrow just to see. Hopefully this info helps anyone new to credit. I am sure I might have been a bit aggressive than most would advise but I am just thinking ahead that all of these accounts will essentially age together.


Thanks for all of the helpful information I have obtained by reading this forum.



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