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Sick and Tired of Amex Gold
I really liked my gold charge card at first, until I was FR'd back in Feb. They set a hard limit to 3k. At the time it was fine cus I wasnt spending that much, I was only pushing 2k. Now for the past 2 months I keep hitting the 3k limit and getting emails, please pay so that your card doesn't get declined. I have to keep making multiple monthy payments. This weekend I made 5 payments ( they don't even let me make multiple payments online) !!!! This is seriously crazy. All my family and friends have a 20-30 internal limit and they gave me a stupid 3k limit. I already surpassed the 30k spending and get an additional 15,000 bonus points. GOT THE EMAIL 2 DAYS AGO AND THEY SAID THEY GAVE IT TO ME BUT AS OF TODAY NO 15,000 BONUS POINTS.

Anyway I can't wait until I get back to NPSL, or at least a 10k hard limit.

Anybody have any experience with this ???

On a side note I have a chase bold for my business with 35k spending