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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

Funk-O-Meter wrote:

Decided to join the gardening club yesterday after apping for cards and car shopping but tried for a CLI for my Chase Freedom as my last act before picking up the trowel. I was declined. I'd never tried for a RECON before so just now I figured I had nothing to loose and I'd already wasted a hard pull so I called the backdoor RECON number and the CSR approved me for a 3X CLI to 3K in 10 minutes! I like Chase. A far cry from Orchard/C1 I just kicked to the curb.


Sweet sweet success..


The more I play the credit game the more It intrigues me and the more fun it becomes. And I haven't even started collecting airline miles yet Smiley Happy

Funk-O-Meter --


If you dont mind sharing, what did you mention to the rep the get the CLI recon request approved ?