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Barclays Did It Again...Another Payment Hold...


So made another 900 pmt on my Barclays card and they put another hold on it.  I sent them the below.  I don't care if they close my account, as this is insanity.  


I have had credit cards with Citi, Amex, BofA, First Premier, Orchard Bank Crap One...never a single payment hold on any of those accounts and I spent 60k with Amex on my Platinum Card ...


So, I sent Barclays this fax:



Pages: 1 of 1

Date: 10/01/12
Via Facimile 302-255-8301


Executive Office
PO Box 8885
Wilmington, DE 19899


RE: ACCT # ....


To Whom It May Concern:
I opened the above account in Nov 2011. 


On 9/27/12 I made a payment of 900.00
On 10/1/12 I made a payment of 900.00


My account is in perfect standing


Both of those the above payments are on holds. My account is useless.


I will be going to the LA Times as a friend of mine works in the editorial department and

I will be taking out an article in LA times Money Section. The article will state that it is
clearly stated in Barclays consumer credit cards terms & conditions they make place a
hold on payments received on their consumer credit cards, but the article will ask the
mere question, why should a card holder deal with a credit card company that places
holds for no “logical” reason and renders consumers credit accounts with this financial
institution useless.

In addition, I will explain in the article that I was an American Express Platinum card
member and spent 60k on that card and never once had a payment hold. The article will
go on to say the most embarrassing moment was when I was out at a client dinner and
my Barclay's card declined because there was a hold on a payment that I was not aware
of. The customer service rep nor supervisor could remove the hold and told me I was
**bleep** out of luck. The article will conclude with, if you don't want an embarrassing
moment at a restaurant where your financial institution will do nothing to help you,
bring your American Express card.


If both holds are removed by 10/03/12, I will not go to the LA Times.


Thank you,