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Re: Dcu Scores!!!!!
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Well I took my first real drop this month since starting this positive credit journey (I discount the utilization from wonky reporting last month as that's temporary), presumably from the inquiry which I know landed on EQ for my auto-loan refinance and I still have the WFDS auto loan reporting as open with a balance on it for some reason and doubling my current installment debt.  Not certain why that didn't update to $0 already but long-term should be fine... also DCU's reporting 100% LTV on the new auto tradeline still might be affecting things, but sitting at a 643 down from a 646 two months ago with similar utilization it's hard to say definitively what caused the drop and insignificant anyway.  As long as I keep it above 640 I hit my goal score for the year heh.


My AAoA is still way under 2 years so that didn't change with the new auto tradeline, nor the Zync whenever it first reports.


Oh and a DCU funsy for the month: they complained that I was paying too much through one of their interfaces in their online payment system and pushed my payment date too far ahead into the future Smiley Happy.  Too bad I was sort of hoping it'd be like WF and being able to push it out 2-3 years ahead and just sit idle on the tradeline racking up FICO seasoning goodies rather than just hammering it to make room for a DTI calc next year if needed.


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