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Re: Barclays Did It Again...Another Payment Hold...

Andy77 wrote:


So made another 900 pmt on my Barclays card and they put another hold on it.  I sent them the below.  I don't care if they close my account, as this is insanity.  


I have had credit cards with Citi, Amex, BofA, First Premier, Orchard Bank Crap One...never a single payment hold on any of those accounts and I spent 60k with Amex on my Platinum Card ...


So, I sent Barclays this fax:



Pages: 1 of 1

Date: 10/01/12
Via Facimile 302-255-8301


Executive Office
PO Box 8885
Wilmington, DE 19899


RE: ACCT # ....


To Whom It May Concern:
I opened the above account in Nov 2011. 


On 9/27/12 I made a payment of 900.00
On 10/1/12 I made a payment of 900.00


My account is in perfect standing


Both of those the above payments are on holds. My account is useless.


I will be going to the LA Times as a friend of mine works in the editorial department and

I will be taking out an article in LA times Money Section. The article will state that it is
clearly stated in Barclays consumer credit cards terms & conditions they make place a
hold on payments received on their consumer credit cards, but the article will ask the
mere question, why should a card holder deal with a credit card company that places
holds for no “logical” reason and renders consumers credit accounts with this financial
institution useless.

In addition, I will explain in the article that I was an American Express Platinum card
member and spent 60k on that card and never once had a payment hold. The article will
go on to say the most embarrassing moment was when I was out at a client dinner and
my Barclay's card declined because there was a hold on a payment that I was not aware
of. The customer service rep nor supervisor could remove the hold and told me I was
**bleep** out of luck. The article will conclude with, if you don't want an embarrassing
moment at a restaurant where your financial institution will do nothing to help you,
bring your American Express card.


If both holds are removed by 10/03/12, I will not go to the LA Times.


Thank you,

Oh for the love of God...


Threatening a CCC by (gasp!) running to a newspaper?


Apologies in advance is what I am about to say seems harsh, but this reeks of tantrum. You will be wasting your time and money doing this.


I am on record as opposing the holds you describe, but in reality, they have every right to do this. If their business practices do not suit you, move on to another CC. is front-and-center in the business world and your ready-made remedy in this situation.


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