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Re: When will Navy Federal have another 0% Balance Transfer offer?

Can anyone confirm that they had an offer during the summer?  Either I missed it or I didn't need at at the time and didn't pay attention, and then forgot. 


Anyway, knowing that they usually do it after the new year gives me some hope.  I freed up my entire balance on my larger card with them and I'm waiting for them to offer this again because I'm paying off a pile of debt slowly, and some of my debts are at 0% now, but those deals expire either in December or in the early part of next year, or spring (some of them not until fall 2013.)  Yes, I have a lot of debt on a lot of cards.  It's a long process to pay it off, but I have staggered everything at 0% or very low interest and that makes it infinitely easier to pay down.

Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.