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Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)
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I posted this in the main thread about the Zync cancellation, but it got buried in other speculation.

I was hoping some of the Optima holders could answer this


"Well this drug me out of my lurking hole.... Looks like I got really lucky..couldn't sleep on Friday so I applied for the Zync-and was approved. Just in time! And like others said we now hold super sexy exclusive card :smileytongue: Does anyone know what will happen in regards to the long term for those of us who have it? Will they offer us a PC or will they just keep supporting it. Specifically what happened after previous product discontinuations?"


I read on another forum that Optima holders were offered the chance to upgrade to another product, is this true? And if so given the Zync's reputation as a prime-ish card will they do it again?