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Should I applied again?? For Amex Gold

Hi All, 


Let me Explain a bit my situation right now. My Credit score with credit karma is 661, and fisco from Sept 1st is 652. I have a chase joint with CL $7000, and my wife Cap one CL $ 750; a Cap One Secured card $ 451. I tried to applied few time with Amex in the past and get rejection. My mom husband added me to his business Amex card, even it does not report. I been getting couple of Amex Gold charge card, and Green one "You been selected to Apply" letter.  I have 6 Hard Inquire, but I need to add one more credit line to get ready to buy a house in the coming year. Should I applied now??? Whats the chance of I get reject from them.

Starting Score: EQ669, Jan 15, 2013
Current Score: EQ669(01/15/13), TU696 (01/29/13)
Goal Score: 780+ All Across

Wallet: $5000 CSP / $3400 CPR / $551 Cap 1 Secure