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Student Citi Forward vs Regular Citi Forward?

I'm wondering what the difference in credit limits between the student version of the Forward and the regular non-student Forward card?


I'm a college student and my income is only 17K-ish, so I was wondering which one I should apply for. My friend was recently approved for a $2,500 student Forward, when his only other card was a $300 secured BoA card, so it makes me wonder what I'd get approved for since my highest limit is $4,000. His income is 20K, not much of a difference.


Is there a lower "max" credit limit on the student than the regular? For example, will I only be able to get a CLI up to say.. 5k, and then all my requests will be denied? Does CIti upgrade the student card to a regular card when you graduate, or will it be a student card forever?