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Re: Barclays Did It Again...Another Payment Hold...



I can understand any financial institution that loans someone money is taking a risk, but if I am such a risk, why did they increase my credit line from 1700 to 3500 after nine months of use.  I must have been doing something right.


I am just trying to use my card and pay it back.  I could care less if they close my account because as if right now I have 29.00 available credit and my card is useless.


I did not pay through my bank, as sugested here, because a customer service rep said the chances of a 2nd hold were very slim so i took a gamble on making another payment through their website and I lost the bet.


I know all of this is out of my hands, they will either do one of (3) things. 


Close account

Do nothing

Relase the holds