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Re: Discover More 12 month wait for CLI

GebraJake wrote:

I have had a Discover More card for almost 7 months now (since march 20th 2012), and I keep trying to request a CLI and some say they dont know why they cant submit the request and other CSRs say i have to wait until the card is 12 months old. Has anyone else had to wait 12 months to request a CLI?


I just think that 12 months is ridiculous, the card is in good standing and at a 1k limit.

Why is it ridiculous? are your scores really high? do you have other cards that have much higher credit limits? getting denied a CLI is a bummer, but these banks are loaning you the money so if they dont want to give you more then thats up to them. Unless your income/scores/other CL's show you should get a higher limit i dont think you should feel entitled to a higher limit. Im not sure if this sounds mean or not but im not trying to be mean, im just voicing my opinion.


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