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Re: Future for Zync holders

espnjunkie wrote:

While not a major reason why I like Amex, I still feel that it carries a certain prestige to it's brand. While other have caught up a bit in terms of services and rewards, no other company offers backdating of accounts. From what I have seen Amex is also quite generous with it's credit limits and CLI's do not require a hard pull such as with Chase.

This is true, I forgot to add the back dating as one of the benefits. This will be especially useful for me as a student with a limited history when I add (Or try to Smiley Tongue) another Amex card in January. (Yay for improved AAoA)


Meanwhile I would love to see them add something interesting to replace the Zync, Perhaps with a revolver (to limit their risk) that still uses the packs. This would still allow them to target the younger market, perhaps more successfully this time Smiley Very Happy


Althought now that I have a foot in the door I kind of dont want them to do it...watering down the brand and all that Smiley LOL