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Re: Future for Zync holders

espnjunkie wrote:

While not a major reason why I like Amex, I still feel that it carries a certain prestige to it's brand. While other have caught up a bit in terms of services and rewards, no other company offers backdating of accounts. From what I have seen Amex is also quite generous with it's credit limits and CLI's do not require a hard pull such as with Chase.

This is true, I forgot to add the back dating as one of the benefits. This will be especially useful for me as a student with a limited history when I add (Or try to :smileytongue:) another Amex card in January. (Yay for improved AAoA)


Meanwhile I would love to see them add something interesting to replace the Zync, Perhaps with a revolver (to limit their risk) that still uses the packs. This would still allow them to target the younger market, perhaps more successfully this time :smileyvery-happy:


Althought now that I have a foot in the door I kind of dont want them to do it...watering down the brand and all that :smileylol: