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Re: Future for Zync holders
They will probably PC the customers they like. Webhopper is a good example: she runs a few K a month through the card if I remember right, Amex isn't going to want to lose her business.

I'd like to think I'm in the boat as well, but as one of the last people to acquire on at least on this forum all bets are sadly off in my case.

I would wager that the current Zync customers will be quietly PC'd to something else perhaps we'd get to choose, likely with a waived or prorated AF for the year.

They won't allow us to keep the cards forever, at most it would be 4 years from 9/30 (expiration date of likely their last issued Zync).

I'm just going to wait and see and till they make a decision, keep to my plan and still run the majority of my expenditures through this card. I didn't work that hard to obtain it, but I hope I don't lose my new relationship with Amex over it's discontinuation.
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