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Re: Please Review my BCE Plan

LS2982 wrote:

wealthcreator wrote:

Hello Friends,


I have started a thread couple of days back for BCE app.



Now Zync is not available so changing my plan.


App for Green as I have pre-approved offer. After approval I will apply for BCE. If BCE approved then it will be only 1 HP. I will cancel Green card within year (no AF for 1st year) because I dont want to pay $95 annually.

If denied for BCE then I will apply in Jan for BCE and cancel my Green Card.


Please share your views.






Sounds like a plan.


Except I would wait a year before apping for BCE again if you get denied after Green approval.


I plan to keep applying for BCE after every 3 months till approval. It will be SP on denial because I will be Amex member. That is also one reason I am apping for Green before BCE. Last time I was not aware of this procedure and got denied for BCE (otherwise I should have Zync by now :-( and in hunt of BCE)


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