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Re: Barclays Did It Again...Another Payment Hold...

navigatethis12 wrote:

DaveSignal wrote:

I always wonder about posters who tell of these kinds of problems.   I always just push payments from my bank's billpay, and these are payments in the thousands of dollars.  They go through every time, on the day that USAA says it will (or faster), and there is no hold.  I can even pay more than my current balance if I want.  It just gets pushed through.  Its a far better method than trying to make payments through the web interface of your Barclay's card, and definately insurmountably better than sending paper checks.

I very much prefer to pay through the cards website if I can do so. The only time I do not is if it is a small amount. I use Capital One for that since they give 20 cents for each bill payment. Anyway, doing it throught the cards website is better in my opinion because I can keep the money earning 6% for at most another four days. Like if the date falls on a Monday, I would have to send it Friday so it gets there Monday. With the website, I do it on Monday and that is the day it arrives. I am not sure why Andy77 has not been able to get the hold removed, as I got it removed in less than a minute with the frontline customer service representative. I probably got the hold because I just got a credit limit increase and charged up to within $50 of the limit and paid it all at once. I had a history of large payments with them though, so maybe that helped to release it.


I like to use the cap1 site to pay my cap1 card (pull from card site) since my available credit usually updated next business day.