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Re: Amex BCE usage

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
I had the same one for FIVE years from Dillard's ( black with a few slots and money clip) and just recently bought a coach one similarly styled but with just like two spots for cred cards... It was .... Only $30!!!! Score! Got it at Allen Premium Outlets in Texas :-D

I'll make it my sole card of use, then dependent on the cli, go from there as it is a lower limit card that I have. I might use it for my rental car this weekend! Hahaha!

Mine was macy's, was like originally 50 or 60 or something like that, but was like 20% off then an additional $10 off, and my sister happened to just apply for a macy's card that day, so it was an additional 20% of (or whatever their new card discount is)