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Re: Costco AMEX - what's the big deal?

CribDuchess wrote:

I guess I'm about to find out what the big deal is!  I've received 2 emails from Costco in the past 2 months that promoted the Amex Costco TE card.  In yesterday's email, they offered $50 for spending $500 in the first 90 days.  I found myself clicking the "Apply" button within the email last night.  I was instantly approved (and no, I'm not talking about getting the 7-10 day message and then checking the app status and seeing "approved").  I submitted the app and the next screen I saw contained the words "congratulations" and "approved."  Not used to seeing that from Amex!


The only thing this app cost me was a HP on Experian (I now have 3 HPs on Experian, 2 of them are from Amex).  The 3% cash back on gas is what really motivated me....well, that and the 23 years of backdating.  My new car requires premium unleaded, so I try to fill up at my local Costco and the 3% cash back will be a nice benefit.


Does anyone know if the 2% on dining only applies to dine-in restaurants?  Or does it also apply to fast food/take out?

It's usually based on how the food establishment codes their stuff. Usually it will count as a restaurant.



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