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Re: NO Dice with Amex Backdate....
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in all fairness AAOA is a bull crud way to factor your score, Amex used to give an edge for being a customer. For instance if I had a Capital One Platinum for 10 years then upgraded and got a Capital One Venture for rewards. Why should my credit score suffer because I changed cards within the same company??? 10 years would go to 5 if those two cards were the only ones reporting. THERE IS NO REASON A LOYAL CUSTOMER should get hurt just for signing up with a better program.


Also if you go to a restaurant and eat, a new restaurant comes out is it right for the old restaurant owner to talk crud about you damaging your reputation to the new restaurant owners calling you a traitor? cause that's basically how AAOA works. If you get ANY new account it hurts you. Doesn't make you a higher risk for anything. Especially if your within the same company. I'm sure a lot of people would sacrifice their old card to upgrade within the same company if they allowed that without sacrificing AAOA.


Amex backdating isn't 100% perfect but it's still A LOT more fair than any other credit card companies in the industry.

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