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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!
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Funk-O-Meter wrote:

Imua what's your secret to low APR's? Is your score around > 750?


Is there every a chance a CSR could ever lower an APR?


My chase was my first prime card so I understand why I got the highest APR in the range. Before that I just had an $500CL Orchard starter which irronically had the lowest APR I've had at 17%


Regardless of the APR I like to PIF. over the last 3 years I've paid less then $30 in interest over all my cards and that's from running them up on vacation.



i pulled myFICO scores the day after my BofA BankAmericard was approved - TU=777 , EQ=793.   My quarterly scores form BofA Privacy Assist arrived the next day, and those scores were close to the FICO scores - TU=798 , EQ= 793, and EX=780.  (I pulled the real FICO scores at that time knowing my Privacy Assist scores were coming soon because i wanted to see how close those were to the 'real' FICO scores). 


I have worked very hard to rebuild my credit over the past several years!.  Like you, I PIF all of my cards every month regardless of the APR... but it's nice to know if I HAD to carry a balance for a month or two, I would probably carry it on my lower interest Chase Freedom.  When I started my re-building journey, I vowed to NOT apply for any cards with an AF and I wasn't concerned what my interest rate would be because I vowed to always PIF.


I don't know if CSRs have authority to lower APRs.... maybe someone else can answer that :smileyhappy:




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