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Re: Citi Secured...

Andy77 wrote:


So instead of waiting 5 years for me to get a CLI on my Citi Card, I deicded to get a Citi Secured Card and put down 2k for the deposit.

In Sept 2009 I got a Citi Secured Card and put down 200.00 it graduated, etc


Do you think I will be declined for having too many inquiries?  


I have 37 total


I can't find where anyone else has been declined this card because of inquiries



Unlikely, but out of curiosity why do you have so many inquiries on a single report or was it multiple reports?  Inquiries across reports are rarely known and possibly never counted by lenders anyway outside of a mortgage so if 37 is EX+EQ+TU inquiries, just take the highest of your reports and figure that for any analysis honestly.


Also when did you old Citi card graduate?  12 or 18 months?


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