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Re: Does Chase Blacklist?

xi wrote:

your mid-low 600s credit score or bankruptcy alone would be enough to get you denied for the card. But both of those together AND including Chase ($81k at that!!!) in the bankruptcy mean there's no way you're getting approved. 

Freedom approvals on this forum have gone down to around 630 or so since June.  One outlier was lower than that, was a rash of apps in June/July when people realized that the Freedom was opened to a much wider audience.   I'm pretty much absolutely confident I could obtain one now with a 645ish score, but my own elephant in the living room credit issue isn't a recent BK.


While I too think there's a low probability as a result of not only the recent BK but a BK with an 81K Chase tradeline included, Chase really seems to want new customers these days, we're in strange economic times, and there might be a $500 approval possible under their current guidelines.  Hence I suspect it's a recon inquiry, but it's sometimes worthwhile to know if you're blacklisted with a lender, and FICO is pretty meaningless interstitially and a single inquiry isn't a huge factor even short term.


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