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Re: How can I get my DW to pull her credit score?

obageegee wrote:

We usually try to split big expenses, but I'm making a lot more money lately so I picked up her car payment of $350 per month. Seprate Checkbooks and accounts. She was late 30's when we got married and I was a little younger. So far it has worked out but a few years back when she lost her job, not so much.

I'm way out of my league but maybe someone can chime in but depending on which state you live in, you say when you got married everything was fine financially until she lost her job and ran up these debts... They are now your debts too so you my as well work it out together to BT them to a nice long 0% for 15+ months that are available these days and pay off.  but like I said don't know what state in, etc.

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