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Re: Citi Secured...
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LS2982 wrote:
They could decline for INQ's if they pull EX. Hopefully not.

I wouldn't imagine it'd be a problem in this case, inquiries aren't a huge red flag when it comes to secured cards anyway, and if most of them are Citi-releated they'll have the internal record.  Will probably provide some shock and awe and possibly amusement factor for the underwriter seeing that many but they should be easy to work around through the likely phone call if it's considered an issue at all.  It's not likely to be an outright denial without the conversation, I'm actually pretty convinced if you have a colorful flag on your report you're more likely to get a call than not, much like my albatross with the WFDS underwriter.


Have to admit, color me impressed with that many inquiires on a single report.


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