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Re: Why is the AMEX website so darn gltichy!!

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The preapprovals have worked that way for a long time.  There are numerous threads discussing that Amex's preapproval offers appear then disappear once you are a member.  It has nothing to do with whatever is (or is not) going on with Zync.


Those offers are relatively meaningless in any event.  If you get an actual targeted offer, it will show up as a banner when you are on your main account page. 

Well it's not meaningless in this case because I think I mentioned in my post that when I called in to Customer Service they said I did in fact have the offers for the Gold and AMEX Platinum. The platinum's annual fee is way too high for me so I'm passing, the Gold sounds good, but I decided to wait my year out to see if I can get a revolver.  I have not had a chance to call in about the Delta Skyline that's was on there last time I had a chance to sign in.  I think it may have something to do with the Zync or maybe beause I've been a member for six months now. Whatever the reason may be, it's good to finally see some offers.


They're just invitations to apply, no different than the mass mailers that show up in your mailbox.  It is not any kind of guarantee that you will be approved.  That's what I meant. 

Oh I see.  Yeah, I'm aware it's not a guarantee because it's not an upgrade. If I applied it's a new application because the Zync can't upgrade to another AMEX product.  My main purpose for the post was that I find the website to be glitchy a lot of the times and the disappearing preapprovals is perfect example of that!  Also, I'm just happy to finally have some offers! Prior to applying for the Zync and even after I never had any offers until today.  So that was all.  Smiley Happy

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