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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

apandabear wrote:

Still in the garden. Been here since May 15th of this year. Sometimes it's hard, but there are many good reasons for staying put.


I finished SL rehab in late September!! I wonder if getting my loans assigned to a lender will lead to HPs..? I sure hope not!! Either way, that was my last piece of rebuilding (gave up on GWs). Once my SL gets picked up again, every open account I have will be current. Everything closed would have a paid balance. No delinquencies! 


Come November/December, I might choose to leave the garden... But this was planned. I will be purchasing a car, and while I haven't decided if I'm going new or used, I'm leaning toward new. By November I will have $8k cash in the bank for downpayment. Selling my clunker (privately) I hope will get me $2k. So that's $10k for downpayment on my dream car (2012 Toyota hybrid, haha). On the other hand, that would buy me a not-so-POS used car, owned outright. Decisions, decisions.


Not looking at app-ing for anything else this year. When I do go car shopping, I plan on getting all my apps in within a 2-day time frame.

I know this is a late reply, but those new loans may or may not lead to HPs, but they will likely lead to new accounts on your credit report.  Depending on what is reported for open date, it may actually help your AAoA, albeit artificially.  Good luck with continuing your credit journey, and make sure to tell us all about the new car in the auto forum (regardless of new or used).

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