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A HUGE thank you!!

I never really post on here, but I had to say thank you to all of you who post regularly. I used to have good credit, in the mid to upper 700's, but life took a bad turn on me.(job loss, medical bills) I had to make some challenging decisions, and I have been working my way back up since. I come on here everyday and check out what is new. Since I started actively viewing and learning from everyone's posts, I have learned what credit cards I should apply for, what I should stay away from, and what I need to work on trying to obtain in the future! I have also started taking any extra money and paying down my balances rather than "splurging" on new things. I have paid down all but 1 of my credit cards and obtained 3 new GECRB store cards in the last few months all thanks to all of you!! I plan on gardening now and improving my scores so I can one day get some of the nice cards some of you currently have. Just had to let you all know that even though not all of us post on here, we do pay attention and care about the things that are shared.

Current: TU (Wal-Mart) 640 EQ (myFICO) 627 EX 628 as of 10/12
BK Discharged 08/10 (The dark times)
NavChek (5000) Cap1 (2500 & 1000) hhGregg (1500) Amazon (900) & WalMart (500) Lowes (300)

Goal: No apps until 07/2013 & 700's across the board