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Re: Discover 10% or $12% off gift cards

wealthcreator wrote:

SwampSystems wrote:

No. If you read the ShopDiscover terms for Walmart, it specifically says it does not cover gift cards. And the 5% quarterly bonus does not apply to purchases "made at warehouse clubs, wholesale distributors, or discount stores" which includes Walmart.

Does this mean all stores come under this category ? If we choose target, jcp, old navy or macys ??


It depends on how the purchase is coded. All of those places are also on ShopDiscover. If you have made a purchase at one of them in the past, find it in your transaction history, click the arrow icon next to it to see more information, and look for the Merchant Category Description. Walmart shows up as "DISCOUNT STORES." Sam's Club shows up as "WHOLESALE CLUBS." SuperTarget shows up as "GROCERY STORES AND SUPERMARKETS." Not sure how regular Target shows up, but I would guess it would be the same as Walmart.