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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012
Well it's been a bit since I have been up here. I am still gardening. I should be achieving my gold spade on the 20th of this month. I have seen many positive changes on my credit profile with EQ but not really TU. Of course EX I have no idea about. But I am really on a quest to see just how high my score will get by year's end. Maybe I can get my siggy goal.... I think I will be shedding Care Credit come January and maybe apping for Discover or something. Since the card is not in my rotation it hasn't really proved useful to me for quite some time. I got no love from Barclays at my 6 month mark. I charge consistently but pay off the balance before statement closing. Maybe once I let a balance linger they will like me more. I will experiment with that. My next 6 month marker with Citi is next month but I don't think I will go for a CLI on that one. Other than that there is really nothing left to do. I may refinance my house next year so I will just chill out until then. I hope everyone's gardens are flourishing!
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