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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012
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JPersat wrote:

Can I join the garden if I'm apping for a mortgage, but not credit cards? Smiley Happy

you can have a seedling until you actually app =) 


everyone has their reasons for leaving the garden. 

buying a home is ok to leave the garden for. its the largest or second largest purchase someone can make. 



as for me just went over my amex credit reports and i have a whopping 23 inq. spread across my reports 15(7 of them are from a car loan) of them from jun 15 till aug 30th this summer :EEEKS: 

i realized now i dont care what it is im not apping for anything. then amex true earnings and thats all the cards i need. 

going to get my diamond or i guess that would mean a platinum spade. and my aaoa will shoot up obvi to over 2 years =). plus amex backdate helps a little if they are still doing that. 

im still going to wallow over getting my util under 9% though.

its at 12 now but by the 15th will be 7%. (monthly spending that hasnt been paid yet.) 

ill be exited to get my travel expense reimbursment next week plus my paid holiday holiday over time and sunday and over time this week. half is going to savings and half is going to get me to 1% util. 

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