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Re: Walmart Discover

7PM789 wrote:
My A.A.O.A. is currently 8.5 months(down from 11.33 months pre Sam's). If I get the walmart discover it'll drop to 6.8 months and I wouldn't app for anything else until February when my A.A.O.A. is back up to 1 year+. I don't plan on buying another vehicle or a house any time soon. Also despite my wishes I don't make "a lot" of money.

honestly i would just leave it at that. 

like stated you can use sam's at walmart. 

other then the free tu fico do you need the aval credit? 

in the end its your choice. with only 8 months aaoa i think they would give you a lower limit though. and might not even be the discover version. 


for me i had no baddies just aaoa dropped to 9 months and they gave me 800 store card. in july.....    cli to 3000 though a few days ago. 

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