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Re: Does NFCU pull EQ?


I agree fully with both posts by Revelate, but I'll add NFCU will often pull both EQ and TU and possibly more than once (I think I took 2 hits on EQ and 1 on TU  for membership and CC).  As others have said NFCU is a bit "Pull Happy"  but worth it.  Smiley LOL


I checked my latest EQ report and seems NFCU switched one of their HPs to a soft (I never asked them to).  There were 2, 1 each on the 11th and 12th of Dec 2011,  maybe that's why they changed it.


I also don't think you'll have a problem, it's easier if your Grandfather joins first or the same day, either way, they probably already have  his military connection in their database anyway, not sure why (they did with my father but he had been a member then left many years prior).  You (and your Grandfather probably) will still be asked verification questions so be ready, birthday ranges of military relatives and possible approximate addresses.  So be prepared LOL.