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Re: NO Dice with Amex Backdate....

TheConductor wrote:
I'm very glad they did this. As an AU it's not really your account anyways, and therefore you shouldn't be able to get backdating.
Very Glad? Wow, I think there might be 300 posts on this board about back dating as and AU. Amex gold is not a ZERO AF card, so I think we can hope for some benefits, esp. since it has been a policy for years to award AU this privilege. Thanks for your two cents

Don't take CreditScholar's opinion too much to heart.  He has much wisdom in the ways of credit, but his talent for empathy is hampered because he had the misfortune to grow up somewhere where practically everyone had Amex Centurion cards. Poor fellow.  Smiley Wink

Empathy isn't warranted here. The issue isn't about backdating, but backdating when you were an AU and not the primary cardholder. If it was your account that you obtained with your own credit, then I can understand this. However assuming that you should get backdating when you had no part in earning that Amex card simply sounds self-entitled. I was an AU on my parents centurion, but I wouldn't expect backdating for that alone. They earned that right and the credit profile it required, not me. Therefore I should not be entitled to the backdating benefit. if it's simply a matter of being an AU, someone could sell AU cards (but not physically give them to the buyer) just to improve someones FICO. Are they deserving of backdating too? They didn't have to contribute anything to earning it either.
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