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Re: NO Dice with Amex Backdate....



To clear something up;  no one is EVER an "AU" on an AMEX card\account.   They are an ADM (Additional Card MEMBER) and as such,  if they are an adult, they can be held financially responsible for that account as well as the Primary account holder.  


So I can see the logic of them being able to retain the date they were added as an ADM when they apply for their own AMEX.  It's almost like being a joint account holder.


And truth be told, there are some responsibilities being an AU on any account, these usually pop up if the Primary account holder passes away.  Know the facts before assuming anything regarding that.


Sadly, due to policy changes that occurred November of 2011, the reps, even in the CB dept are more than confused and going with the safest option regarding the subject, and that is to say no, to almost anything regarding something along the line of "BackDating" even if they're wrong.