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Re: Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

jd5189 wrote:

I am interested if people's Zync packs continue to work or if they get rid of all the packs and just make this a plain charge like the Green minus MR's. I also wonder how they plan to handle packs from here on out. Say if you put down the travel pack because you knew you would be flying a lot last year, but this year you do not plan to travel, you should be able to remove the pack and avoid the extra yearly fee. But, if they don't allow you to remove it... it is really starting to look messy. Amex did not plan nor handle this well at all...


As much as I hate to say it, that's often how AMEX works, and that comes from within their walls. 


Z was about the longest running test market I've ever seen LOL 


It never did draw the demographic it was intended for however, at least not in the percentage they were hoping for. It was never marketed well towards that demographic either (I guess they were hoping for a word of mouth campaign and just thought they could skip the spending the $ for a much bigger ad campaign).