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Re: What's the Big Deal with APRs?

jsickz32 wrote:
Everyone has something they like to spend their money on so if op likes to spend 200 on jeans then its fine. I spend 150 on 1 pair of shoes so i dont think its big deal really. and seriously carrying a balance is seen as such a bad thing on this forum is crazy.

I don't think financing something is always bad, but it depends on what it is.  If there's a storm and your roof is destroyed, you need to get a new roof, even if it takes a couple months to pay for.  If your car's transmission goes, you need to get that fixed right away even if you can't pay for it all right now, so you can get to work.  It's the financing of luxery items that's really a bad idea.

If you're in the position where you want that $200 pair of jeans and you can pay for it right away without any difficulty, then go ahead, there's nothing wrong with that.  It still seems a little crazy to me, but whatever, it's not my money.  But having to go back to the store every month to make payments on a pair of jeans is absolutely nuts to me and doesn't seem like healthy financial behavior.

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