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Credit Card App Spree Recommendations
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Hello Fico Forum members. First off I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and responses. I hope when I know more about credit, I can be as helpful to others as others have been to me on this forum. So I posted a couple questions about my score earlier, because I want to app for a couple cards. Out of the (4) cards I have planned to app for, I plan to use (3) of them frequently. Right know I have 6 CC: Amex BCE, Bank of America Amex, Discover More, Chase Freedom, Capital 1, & a Citi Dividend card. My last applications were in February of this year which was for Chase & Cit. I pay my CC in full every month, and never purchase anything I can't afford.


My Scores now are: EX:734/ EQ:743/ TU:743. My "oldest" account is 2 years and 2 months. My income is $27,000 and my total credit is a little less than $20,000 (two of which have a $5K limit.) Also my current AMEX & Chase limits are only $3K each. I am a college student with a job and no loans.


The cards I want are:


- Chase Sapphire Preferred (Visa Signature or World Mastercard) 

- Chase Hyatt

- Amex Hilton

- Barclay's NFL 


The only one I would be apping for just for the sake of the bonus would be Barclay. I tend to travel a lot and my preferred hotels to stay in are Hilton and Hyatt, and with only one of them charging me a $75 annual fee I find it worth it. Getting 2X on travel on the Chase Sapphire would also be ideal. I find these cards worth their respective fees, so I don't mind paying for them. Please let me know if there is any other information that would be helpful. I know my ideal state would be to garden, which I promise I will do after these apps. I truly value all the great insight and advice provided in this forum and would appreciate any on my plan. Again thanks for your awesomeness! 


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