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Finally! CLI from cap1! Final desperate attempt worked!

I've been trying to get a CLI for my Journey card for quite a while now, and within the past month I've went all out, asking different about every other day. I was so ready to just give up!
I've tried it all! Automated phone, calling, calling again with different representative, online message, online chat, several backdoor number, and even the corporate number found in other topics.
Still no success!
I really wanted to keep this card since its unlimted 1.25% cash back  (and, unlike my amex, credit is quickly available), and because this is my oldest card (and this card would be the easest way to get a really old card).

So finally in one last desperate attempt, I sent an email to what I figured would be an address that would be read by someone (No I won't give it out, too easy to abuse, but if you desperate its easy to figure out)
A day later I get a call from that corporate number! Same person I asking when I called (according to her). She left me a voicemail and told to call back.
One callback, like 3 questions later, A soft pull ,and a day wait, CLI from $750 to $2500.

When she asked me what CL I wanted to ask for I was kinda caught off guard, but $2500 is my median credit limit, and I guess it wasn't too much to ask for!

Finally! I guess cap1 isn't so bad after all!

I guess don't give up on a CLI if your way overdue!


If it wasn't for all the sucess stories, I probably would have given up a long time ago. Now I can keep with my %10 utilization I been trying to stick to.

My ultimate credit wish,
a JP Morgan Palladium card