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I feel speshul... i got me my OWN preapproval letter... for CREDIT ONE

Yeah I know, I'm not special.   but the BIG BOLD LETTERS telling me I was preapproved for their VISA Platinum were so pretty!

That included the honor of paying them 75.00 for the first year, but the AF for every year after is 99.. conveniently billed to my card every month in 8 buck installments.
OH and I could also have the honor of having an introductory interest rate of 27%.

and they sent me the cute fake card too...


it all made such a lovely sound getting munched through my shredder.  I know my scores took a hit from my mini app spree in July (AMEX BCE and Aliant CU Visa rewards) but I didnt' think it had sunk THAT low Smiley Happy 

(sorry, couldn't find the real sarcasm font in the font family . . .but I'm sure  y'all get it ...)

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