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Amazon and Discover approvals!

I've been really good and not doing any apps for about 7 months.  I received a mail offer from Discover and I wasn't going to apply, but I decided to anyway.  I applied and after there was a message  that said  they would be in touch in about 5 days and they listed a phone number.  I called it and spoke to a very nice lady who just said they needed to verify a few things on my application.  So, after a few questions she approved me with a $1,500.00 limit.  I was so happy!  I received an email today welcoming me to the Discover family and my card is on it's way! 


I applied for an Amazon store card because I buy so much from them, and I was approved for $800.00.  In the past I was always denied by GE Capitol stores so I was very happy to have finally broke through the barrier!   Just a happy "ap" week!   Smiley Happy