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Re: Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

p- wrote:

I emailed asking them about it, and the product change options, and received this in response:


Amex wrote:

Dear Mr. *********,

Let me check this for you.

I spoke with our Account services team and they informed that we are not phasing out the Zync Card.

Also, we are unable to transfer the Zync Card to any other Card product.

However, you sure can apply for a fee free Blue Cash Everyday Card separately by visiting the following link 

With Blue Cash Everyday you get 3% cash back at supermarkets, 2% back at gas stations and department stores, and 1% everywhere else. 

There is no annual fee and no annual fees for Additional Cards.

Mr. *********, I hope this information is helpful.




Interestingly enough, I tried to order an additional card for my wife and it wouldn't let me.


Something is in the works, but who knows what....



Maybe they are just making new zync cards...out of zinc...


If they were going to discontinue it, you figure they would've taken it off the site by now. It's been a couple of days now.